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Why should I use Kisa Vapors ?

Vaping should be affordable and attractive, taking into account that every taste buds are unique. 

Kisa was created to solve these three problems at once. With its own unprecedented ordering system matching as close as possible what you want and fairly inexpensive price with high quality ingredients, Kisa is the solution to your vape juice needs.

How was Kisa created ?

Before Kisa existed, its founder was doing a lot of DIY e-liquids and sometimes selling them to friends at a discount. Since every liquid was carefully made and way cheaper than e-cigarettes shops, the orders grew up and finally Kisa Vapors was made to become an official and reliable supplier.

An old label before Kisa existed

Can I order from countries outside Switzerland ?

First of all, thanks for your interest in Kisa liquids. Sadly, swiss and UE legislations in terms of nicotine containing products are actually not the same and that makes orders difficult to process. Kisa Vapors is also a sole proprietorship, which means international commerce is not legally accepted according to the swiss laws. As we expand in Switzerland, we will try our best to reach neighboring countries ! Don’t hesitate to send us a mail to get updates about other countries availability.

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